A Tale of The Tablet – Making Mobile Matter

Lets face it the world is becoming faster paced and more “on the go” as you most likely read this from your tablet or smartphone. The fact of the matter is that tablet, smart phones and other mobile devices are now connecting us in ways we could never have imagined. What once were clear lines between the home and office are now blurred as our ability to do more while mobile increases. What used to be unreachable lands for many are now within reach. Far off time zones are now only a click away. The concept of the mobile tablet has now distorted distance and time to incomprehensible degrees. We now live in a world where being mobile matters and the tablet is lead driver in this charge. If you do not think the tablet is important think again. Lets review this Staples created infographic that highlights just a few of the many fun tablet facts and statistics that showcase just how popular and impressive the tablet truly is.

Fun Tablet Fact and Statistic #1: 80% Of Tablet Users Say That Tablets Have Improved Their Work and Life Balance

Who does not want to improve their work and home life balance? Most us do which is why tablets are growing so much in popularity. Tablets allow to be more productive due to there mobile capabilities which in turn makes all aspects of life easier. Things that were once confined to only the home or office are now interchangeable thanks to the power of the tablet which goes along way towards giving us the resources to handle multiple professional and personal tasks at once.

Fun Tablet Fact and Statistic #2: 82.1 Million Estimated Number Of Tablet User For 2015

With over 80 million people in the U.S. alone now utilizing tablets withing their everyday lives its no wonder there has been a growing demand for new accessories. From protective cases, to apps to stylus pens the list of hardware and software accessories created and designed just for tablets is becoming endless. If almost a 100 million people in America think the tablet is a worthwhile investment and use of time then it is probably safe to say there is something of value here.

Fun Tablet Fact and Statistic #3: 54% of Tablet Users Are 34 or Older

If you think tablets are only being used by the younger generation you would be wrong. Often associated with a younger audience and crowd its quit surprising to see that over 50 percent of tablet use is by those aged 34 an older. By our mid thirties most of us are already established and many of us have started a family which might be just a few of the reasons why older adults are finding so much to use the tablet for. One thing that is very clear from all of the above is that regardless if you are young or old there is something for everyone when it comes to the tablet.