Top Three Vape Pen Coil Calculator Smartphone Apps Explored – Vaping Tablet Mobile Accessories Every Vape Pen Enthusiast Should Know About

When it comes to learning about any hobby or craft you will want to pull from a variety of sources to increase your knowledge bank. Being into smartphones and tablets one of the first places we always reference on any quest to expand our skills are Microsoft Android and Apple iOS iPhone apps. Available on almost every topic and subject matter imaginable easily downloadable and for the most free smartphone and tablet apps are an ideal technology to take any interest to the next level. If you ever need help improving any aspect of your life more then likely an app exists to assist you in the task. One topic we have taken a keen liking to is vaping. The vape pen is becoming a very popular part of culture as of late and makes for a perfect partner to build really cool smartphone and tablet apps for. Some of us have even taken vaping up at the office so we have been doing some more research on what a dab pen or wax pen actually is and just increasing our overall proficiency and prowess when it comes to vaporizer pen knowledge. One of our favorite aspects of the vape pen right now is the inner workings of the coils. We have been checking out some of the top coil calculator apps for some insight into just exactly how vape pens work. Lets take a look at some of our findings.

Top Vape Pen Coil Calculator Tablet and Smartphone Apps Number One: MicroCoil Pro (iOS and Android):

Available for the Microsoft Android smartphone platform and the Apple iOS iPhone, MicroCoil Pro is an amazing vape pen coil calculator that has all the bells and whistles you would ever want in a dab pen coil calculator app. Versatile and efficient MicroCoil Pro tracks such key coil options as Ohm, number of coils, coil types, number of wires, wire type, lead types, volts and much more. When it comes to concepts such as potential number of wraps, appropriate coil diameters and resistance mastery this will be the app you will want to download and reference.

Top Vape Pen Coil Calculator Tablet and Smartphone Apps Number Two: Coil Calculator (iOS and Android):

A very simple and straight forward Microsoft Android smartphone platform and Apple iOS iPhone and iPad app, Coil Calculator gives you the coil calculation basic in an inexpensive and easy to understand format. Variables such as wrap number, wrap diameter, lead coil length, Ohms resistance, wire length to cut and even more its a great starter app that covers all the essentials. If you are looking for something that is easy to understand then this is the app for you.

Top Vape Pen Coil Calculator Tablet and Smartphone Apps Number Three: Cloud.Box (Android):

A joint fusion of two different vape pen tools (CoilToy and Juice Cook), Cloud.Box is one of the more advanced coil calculators you will come across in the vaping app space. With an ability to support such features as material, AWG, diameter, spacing, leads, type, target resistance, wraps, resistance, wire length, wire mass, heat capacity, W/L ratio, power range, coil length, coil surface, leads res, surf. cover, sturdiness and more this app really takes coil calculations to another level. If you are looking for something super advanced this is the choice for you.